The days of FREE Las Vegas self-parking is coming to an end

You better get to Las Vegas while you can still afford it!

Caesars Entertainment has decided to jump on the band wagon (I knew it was just a matter of time) with MGM Resorts, in charging Vegas travelers to self park on their properties. Well this just in people!!! The MGM Resorts will increase their parking fees next week. #Yikes It is becoming more and more expensive to travel to Las Vegas. Can you just stop it with all the fees already… Side Note: With the a new stadium in the works, I only see more and more fees in the future.

Caesars ends free self-parking for some at Vegas properties

Some of Caesars Entertainment’s properties in Las Vegas are joining the growing list of hotel-casinos on the Strip that have stopped offering free parking. Read the full story


MGM to increase parking fees April 12

Read the full story.

And that wraps it up! I hope you have found this post helpful. Until next time….

Happy parking *wink*

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