Restaurant Spotlight | Creamy grits are just the start at this pocket-sized soul food joint ~ Gritz Café

~ The Appetizer ~

We first learned of Gritz Café, during a stay at The Rumor Hotel Boutique, from a valet attendant. You know we love to mix and mingle, so as we were on our way to breakfast my husband asked where he goes for good soul food. The attendant whose name was Shante’, suggested we go to Gritz Café and we did just that! I performed a Google search for the address, got turn by turn directions and we were on our way. This was in 2012, and to this day we have made it a point to visit Gritz at least once during a stay in Vegas. The grits here are absolutely unmatched, to which my hubby responds “With a name like Gritz Cafe, they better have some darn good grits“…lol.

Buttery and creamy grits. Oh so delicious... Visit for more places to dine while visiting Vegas. # VegasTravelBlogger #TravelConsultant #SoulFood #Grits

How do you eat your grits? Some do salt & pepper,  I like mine with butter and sugar. Oh so delicious…


Welcome to Gritz Café | Upon arrival appearance-wise, it was not what I was expecting. Please understand this is not a knock on Gritz, it is a nice and clean establishment, but I think I was expecting a stand-alone restaurant with more adequate parking. Not a problem, I would never judge a restaurant by its external appearance, some of the best restaurants are the little hole in the wall operations 😊 . The interior is a well maintained and petite dining area of about 10 to 12 tables. Patrons will go to a counter to place and pay for their order and then be provided with an order number. If you choose to dine in, seating is self-service and I suggest you have someone in your party locate a table while you place the order (or vice versa). Most of the menu items are cooked once you order, so your meal is fresh and hot (just like I like it *wink*). The menu is a variation of different Southern states acclaimed dishes, serving up a wide ranged taste of the South. The chicken is consistently juicy, flavorful and cooked to perfection. The grits are oh so warm and creamy, like a nice long hug from a loved one. The waffle is good, but nothing to write home about. My only quibble is the service is a bit challenged, which is odd seeing how they boast southern hospitality; however, I am willing to overlook this because the food is so succulent!

Gritz Cafe in Las Vegas, NV brings the Southern Hospitality. Visit for more places to dine while visiting Vegas. # VegasTravelBlogger #TravelConsultant #SoulFood

Gritz Cafe in Las Vegas, NV brings the Southern Hospitality.


Insider information * What to watch out for | As I mentioned, the food at Gritz is made to order, so you can expect to wait about 20 minutes for your food.

Here are 3 tips to save time and money

  • Call ahead. This way your food is ready when you arrive.
  • Order To – Go. We take our food to go and eat at our hotel room, which gives the food time to cool (Trust me you are going to need it, the chicken will burn the top of your mouth! #OUCH). Also, the dining area is small and this place is usually full, so even if your food is ready when you arrive you may not have a place to eat.
  • Share. I don’t really care for leftovers, especially in Vegas where its rare to have a refrigerator and microwave in your room. My husband orders the 4 chicken wing and fries basket with a side waffle and I order a side grits (plain) and a side home-style potatoes. We share the chicken wings and some of the waffle, so this totally saves us money and we don’t waste anything. Awesome!! (Note: During a couples trip we went to Gritz, and the couple each ordered their own chicken wing basket. After eating a few pieces of chicken and some french fries, they both said we should have shared like you guys did. This is too much food!)
Golden chicken and fluffy waffles at Gritz cafe in Las Vegas. Always made to order. Visit for more places to dine while visiting Vegas. # VegasTravelBlogger #TravelConsultant #SoulFood #ChickenandWaffles

Golden chicken and fluffy waffles made to order.

~ Sweet Treats ~

To wrap it all up the next time you’re in Vegas looking for hot, savory, Southern cuisine make sure you swing by Gritz Cafe. You will not be disappointed. Now you may be tempted to take a nap once the itis (drowsy sleepy feeling after a hefty meal) starts to kick in, so make sure you get out ASAP and get active….lol There’s no napping in Vegas people, you need all the time you can get!

Happy Travels *wink*

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  1. Khalilah says:

    Ooooh I love insider info! I had never heard of this place. I will absolutely try it my next trip to Vegas. I like my grits with sugar too btw. It’s kinda disappointing about the waffle though. I love chicken and waffles. Maybe I’ll send them an anonymous email requesting they test out sweet potato waffles!!! Thanks again for your insight. Always on point!!

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