Family Vacation Recap + A review of The 5 star ⭐️ Cromwell Las Vegas

Hey, guys! What have you been up to? I hope all is well where you are. Things are pretty darn awesome over here…I can’t complain. I’m totally overdue for a Vegas trip, so to satisfy my cravings (for now) I will relive a trip we took to Vegas with a vacation recap post. It’s a tradition that we vacation in Las Vegas during our anniversary. Remember we were married in Vegas on July 7th, 2007 or 777 as I like to call it *wink*

Usually its just the hubby and I, but this year we decided to take the kiddos with us and this particular family Vegas getaway was one of the most memorable to date! Sure we’ve all been to Vegas together before, but this time the kids had their OWN room on the Vegas strip. This was strategic on our part, one so they could come and go as they pleased and it was our anniversary after all so….privacy 🙅🏾 was part two and might I add the main point. OK 💁🏾 My husband has a couple of buddies that share our anniversary date, as their birthday so they were both in Vegas with their wives so we decided to link up. Fun, Fun and more Fun!

I really enjoy hanging with other couples when we’re in Vegas because the guys can go off and do guy things, while we girls can do the same. My husband is a sports fanatic and I promise I try my best, 👀😂 but I just can’t seem to get into sports. So this year he was able to go to the NBA Summer League because he had his buddies in town as well and they all genuinely wanted to see the game. During the time our guys were at the game, the ladies and I decided to walk the strip and stop to do a little gambling here and there along the way. We chose Planet Hollywood as our first destination, simply because of their lively casino environment, plus we needed a cocktail and they have a Fat Tuesday near the casino floor (you know…in case refills 😂 duh 😉).


{The Booking Process}

I’ve published a blog post about getting free or extremely discounted rooms using the myVegas game app. Read about it here. This is the game that literally keeps on giving and I absolutely love it! We used myVegas to get the kids’ room so there was no charge at all; except for the daily resort fee which was not bad and then we paid the full price for our room, which we reserved via Last Minute Travel Club. The kids stayed at The Luxor, » Luxor 2 Buffets per Night « which is on the furthest end of the strip near the MGM Grand and it’s pretty close to some cool entertainment. The Excalibur is next door with a huge arcade room and a Tournament of the Kings live jousting show. Then next to Excalibur is the New York Hotel & Casino with a gnarly roller coaster, Hershey’s Chocolate World, and an arcade area. Then lastly you have the endless entertainment of the strip.

Don’t let the images scare you! Bodies: The Exhibition is one of the coolest attractions on the Las Vegas Strip. Located inside The Luxor hotel, this exhibit is one of the most popular ones in the world. Bodies: The Exhibition features 13 whole body specimens and 260 organs preserved by a special polymer preservation technique. You will get to see the marvels of the human body up close and personal in a variety of activities, from throwing a disc to riding a horse.

> > Bodies: The Exhibition – Save on Admission! <<

{The Road Trip to Vegas}

Of course, there were all types of snap chat shenanigans before, during and after…lol. Check out some of the fun below.



{The Hotel}

The Cromwell Las Vegas. From the moment you step foot into this hotel you just feel so regal and elegant.  Ooh and its smells so good in the lobby and casino area. The Cromwell is a boutique hotel on the Las Vegas strip with less than 200 rooms right in the center of the Vegas strip. Each of its rooms features luxurious accommodations in an intimate, Parisian-inspired atmosphere.

  • Casino | Yes, they have a quaint casino floor with some fun slot and table games. No sports betting area, but they do have a sports betting kiosk 
  • Dining | GIADA, Italian cuisine is the only restaurant in the hotel, and they also offer room service. Unfortunately, I am unable to give a review as we did not visit GIADA’s nor did we order room service. Next time…
  • Nightlife | Drai’s Beach Club & Nightclub (two venues in one) offers both an indoor and outdoor rooftop party experience. Drai’s After Hours opens at midnight in The Cromwell basement.
  • Resort Fee | Daily charge of $29 (plus tax) will be charged upon check-in
  • The Room | It was really elegant! I loved the decor and the overall smell in the hotel. 

SAFETY TIP: When staying at hotels in Las Vegas do not stay in rooms higher than the 10th floor. If there is a fire most fire truck ladders can only go up to the 10th floor.

The lounge area as you walk in the door…lol all of my stuff. Can’t forget the Blue Magic *wink*

We had already put our luggage and personal items in the room. I came back out and start the tour from the hallway area.


This is Part 2. Enjoy!


Madame Tussauds Las Vegas

This is part 3. Enjoy!

Here is an image gallery with several photos from our trip. Simply click on any image to enlarge and view full details. Enjoy!

{The Trip Shenanigans}

Breakfast at Peppermill Las Vegas | The decor here just makes you smile. I would say about a minute or two after we were seated a very friendly server came over with water in hand and then took additional drink orders. Before leaving the table he asked if we had been there before and then proceeded with daily specials and he managed to get in a few semi-funny jokes..hehehe.  You get plenty of food and great service, so I would definitely recommend a trip to Peppermill the next time you’re in Vegas. They’re 24/7 so you can visit and have breakfast, lunch or dinner at any hour.

NBA Summer League | The NBA Summer League is held during this week, so the guys got tickets to watch The LA Lakers, while we (the ladies) enjoyed a few cocktails, conversation, some gambling and walking the world-famous strip. I’ve never been to the Thomas & Mack Center, but I know that it is not that far from the strip and the prices are a lot cheaper than the regular season games. If you’re a sports fan you should definitely check it out.

Clubbin at Ghostbar | What would a Vegas trip be without a night of dancing?? …and the Ghostbar Las Vegas is the perfect spot for nightlife and breathtaking views of the strip.

The kids all enjoyed movies at Brenden Theatres, dining at the food court and some swimming at the pool at Palms Casino Resort. Of course, we did the usual walk the strip and Fremont Street during our getaway. The kids had a blast on Fremont Street because of the street performers (and overall Downtown vibe) are more ratchet.

{The Road Trip Home}


Leaving Las Vegas…heading back to reality! | We  your feedback here at Stay and Play Vegas! Have you stayed at The Cromwell Las Vegas? If so, what was your experience?  Let us know in the comments below and feel free to share tips to help make this resource list longer & better.  Until next time…

Happy Travels *wink*

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