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The days of FREE Las Vegas self-parking is coming to an end

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My fabulous guide of off-strip Las Vegas hotels

Hey girl hey! How’s it going? I hope all is well since my last story-time post. As for me, I can’t complain just staying positive and in a state of gratitude like always. Lately, I’ve been working to break the nasty habit of biting my nails (once and for all), mainly because I don’t like the way my hands look and feel when I am constantly biting them down to nubs. Not attractive and very painful. It has been a little over two weeks now and its been a struggle, but I’ve been doing a wonderful job at keeping my fingers away [ ... ]

#Tuesday #tips | A guide to resort fees, security deposits and parking fees while on vacation in Las Vegas

Let’s talk about all these fees when traveling to Las Vegas, it is becoming more and more expensive with all of these additional fees; however, there is a way to minimize or avoid these fees altogether. Imagine you book your room online, you arrive to check into your hotel to find out that an additional $250.00 is due! I remember the first time I was presented with a resort fee, we were staying at The Riviera and at the time the fee was so new we were able to get it waived.  Fast-forward a couple of years later and it [ ... ]

#Tuesday #tips | How I play games to get free rooms, food and drinks in Las Vegas  

Happy day, All! I hope your week is off to a positive and productive start. My week is off to super busy start and it’s not showing any signs of slowing down. I am an information geek and I just ♥ the process of making new discoveries and sharing my knowledge, so I’ve decided to do a featured series titled Tuesday tips. Where I will highlight various tips, tricks and deals that I’ve picked up along my many trips to Vegas. Starting off this series, I show you how I played a smart phone game 😊 to earn a free room and [ ... ]

Packing for the Vegas Memorial Day weekend 2016

Happy day! ♥ I am leaving for Vegas in a couple of hours and for the first time, my bag was fully packed and in the trunk the night before. Check me out! Packing can be so stressful, especially if you’re a procrastinator like me. 😊 I always have an idea of what I would like to wear to the various outings and things, but when it comes to putting it all together I find myself forgetting something or unable to locate an item that I had pictured in my head. I grew tired of forgetting things and then having to [ ... ]

Viva Las Vegas | 7 of my favorite hotel booking websites + Tips on booking your room

If you read my teaser yesterday on my Facebook Fan Page then you know today, I am going to provide some FREE hotel reservation websites and tips for booking your hotel!!! If you’re like me, then you ♥ a freebie darling *wink* ~ My Process ~ First, I figure out where I want to stay, whether that be on the Strip, off the Strip, on the Boulder Highway or Downtown. Second, I set a budget for the total room cost. Always keeping in mind the resort fee and taxes. Third, I compare all of the hotels I’ve previously stayed at in Vegas, to [ ... ]

5 Things to do & What to wear | The pinkprint to a fabulous and fashionable girls trip to Vegas

Hey girl hey!  As a new blogger, excited does not even begin to explain the feeling I had when Khalilah Jones of Khalilah’s Kloset reached out to me and suggested we collaborate. *insert happy dance* I admire her passion for women’s empowerment, individual style and class, but most importantly her dedication to being a devoted wife and mother. During the development stages of my blog, I said to myself I would love to do a collaboration with Khalilah. My initial thought, was she could do a style piece and I could do a things to do in Vegas… and look how [ ... ]