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The beauty of Las Vegas sells itself, but there is a lot of work involved in putting together an amazing trip!
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Over the years I have had several people ask, " Why don’t you guys just move to Vegas?" To be honest, I really feel like if we were to move to Las Vegas, it would lose its luster. 😊 Yes, that may sound funny to some, but for me Vegas is an escape from the real world! Things that are acceptable in Vegas (at any time of the day) are not necessarily acceptable here in Arizona and I love that. I love the energy of Las Vegas! I love the excitement of knowing I'm going to Las Vegas! I love the 24 hour Vegas mentality! I love that people are there just to have a good time and enjoy themselves. The majority of people are in a happy upbeat mood and maybe it is because they are drunk
lol, but I enjoy being in the company of laughter, music, cheers and unbelievable situations. Being an extreme extrovert Vegas only heightens my extroverted, positive and optimistic personality. Prior to a Vegas trip I do extensive research for things to do, places to eat, coupons and promo code to various restaurants, events and attractions that we plan to attend, which definitely helps to boosts my excitement. Working in Corporate America, we often have tradeshows and meetings in Vegas and I always hear the event planner complain about the fact that they have been tasked to coordinate the travel and of course I'm here thinking "Heck, I'd do it for free, and here you are complaining about this amazing opportunity". From simple to elegant, Stay and Play Vegas is here to coordinate all of your vacation planning needs! Contact us today for your free phone or in-person consultation and/or quote.

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